About Dr. Speight

Dr. Bella Speight is the chief anesthesiologist at Boutique Surgery Center and affiliated with Sibley Memorial Hospital. Dr. Speight is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and has practiced in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Dr. Speight’s interests include patient advocacy, physician advocacy, and organizational leadership. She has served in several leadership positions throughout her career, including as a current member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council at Sibley Memorial Hospital. She formerly served as the Vice Chair of Anesthesia and the Chair of Regional Anesthesia at Inova Alexandria Hospital, where she was appointed by the hospital CEO to serve on the Physician Council. During this time, Dr. Speight was also nominated to the North American Partners of Anesthesia select leadership training program.

Dr. Speight earned a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a minor in African American studies from the University of Texas at Austin, a master’s degree from Hampton University in medical science, and a medical degree from The Medical College of Virginia. While in medical school, she served four years as class president. Dr. Speight completed a residency in anesthesia at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she served as chief resident during her final year of training. In addition to her residency commitments, she served on the Virginia Commonwealth University Hospital Ethics Committee. Dr. Speight is originally from Houston, Texas. She currently resides in Ward 4 with her husband and two young children who attend DC Public Schools. She practices both medicine and parenting and finds both equal parts challenging and rewarding.