Our Team

Wendy Kneeland


Meet Wendy, our General Manager/ Hand-holder in Chief/ Concierge Queen.

Wendy grew up in Bordentown, NJ and has a background in management and sales. When we asked her what her favorite part of working at DCPSB was, she instantly said it was connecting with all the interesting women that come through her office. Did you know Wendy has a border collie that understands everything and enjoys sharing toast with her every morning? When Wendy isn’t working, she is enjoying yoga, outdoor kayaking, and sailing. After your consult, you will be greeted by Wendy’s smiling face as she walks you through the process of scheduling surgery. Any questions before, during, or after surgery? Wendy’s your gal!

Favorite Vacation? US Virgin Islands. Snorkeling and Sailing all day long!

Liz Cissell


Meet Liz, our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Injector/ Happiness Advocate/ Artisan of Beauty

Liz grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland but crossed the river and moved to North Virginia in 2014. With a background in Ortho/ Neuro nursing, Liz has been working in Aesthetics since 2016 and has worked hard to become the wonderful Nurse Practitioner Injector she is for our patients. She loves giving her patients at DCPSB a boost of confidence and finds it an honor to help them feel their absolute best. Liz is often asked about her ethnicity and says she is a mix of Bolivian, German and Italian. When Liz is not working with patients, she is incredibly busy with her husband and young son, working on study or assignments and clinical hours or catching up with beloved family and friends. If you are booked in with Liz, you will be greeted with her beautiful smile and personalized one on one experience where she will work with you to achieve your desired goals.

Favorite Vacation? Greek Islands! Santorini/ Mykonos – lounging by the beach and going out on adventures!

Brooke Reddick


Meet Brooke, our Marketing Coordinator/ Social Media Engager/ Social Sensei.

Brooke grew up in Australia until she met her Fighter Pilot husband and moved to America. Her background is working as an RN, specifically in the Operating Room and Entrepreneurship. When we asked her what her favorite part of working at DCPSB is she said it was being able to work alongside Dr Kulkarni and be a part of an all-women team! When Brooke is not virtually working, she is spending time with her family and friends, reading, shopping or traveling.

Favorite Vacation? Moorea, Tahiti. Overwater bungalows, local cuisine and scuba diving is what always makes this our go-to vacay.

Isa Berdecio


Meet Isa, our Patient Care Coordinator/ Director of First Impressions/ Captain of Multitasking.

Isa was born and raised in Boston and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in bioinformatics at GW, with a goal of continuing on to complete her PhD. We asked Isa what she enjoys most about working at DCPSB and for her it is being a part of the women-run environment, surrounded by strong and ambitious women! When Isa isn’t working or studying, you can find her training for a marathon or reading a good book. Isa brings so much to our wonderful team, did you know she speaks 3 languages?

Favorite Vacation? Spain! The culture, laying on the beach and trying all the delicious food.

Katherine Gaines


Meet Katherine, our Medical Receptionist/ Director of First Impressions/ Captain of Multitasking.

Katherine is a native Washingtonian, born and raised in our lovely city. She has spent the majority of her career working for attorneys in DC, but has loved switching over to the aesthetic space with us! When we asked her what her favorite part of working at DCPSB is, she said it it’s the look on a patient’s face before and after they complete their surgery! Katherine is often told she missed her calling as a comedian and you will be greeted by her happy, can-do attitude the moment you walk in the door. When Katherine isn’t in the office, she is busy providing care to her mom, running an AirBnB, shopping, traveling, and exploring our city – talk about a superwoman!

Favorite Vacation? St Lucia. Soaking up the sun, taking naps and finding local spots to eat where the natives eat.