Pre/Post Operative Instructions

We understand that surgery can feel overwhelming, and everybody has questions about the process. To help you feel prepared and confident before your surgery, Dr. Kulkarni has put together some resource videos for you to watch that will help answer our most common questions.

Prior to surgery, you may need the following. At your consultation, we will let you know which of these are required:

  1. History & Physical done by your primary care doctor or an urgent care within 30 days of surgery. Must include a physical exam of the heart and lungs.
  2. EKG: if over 50 years old
  3. Lab Work: varies by surgery
  4. Mammogram: if over 40 years old, within 1 year of surgery date, for breast surgery only
  5. Additional clearances: based on medical history

A note about Anesthesia from our Board Certified Anesthesiologist – Dr Bella Speight:

“First of all, congratulations on making it this far in your surgical journey! For many patients, the anesthesia is the scariest part of the surgery. While that is understandable, be reassured that modern day anesthesia is VERY safe. In other words, yes, you will wake up after surgery. Yes, we will take excellent care of you. And yes, you will make it home to your human or fur babies and families. We take many precautions to ensure that you are both safe and comfortable throughout your operation and in that order. At DC Plastic Surgery Boutique, safety is paramount. Every patient’s medical history is screened for any anesthesia concerns prior to being cleared for the operating room. For that reason, it is important you disclose any pertinent medical history to your surgeon and anesthesiologist. If you are in our care, you are healthy enough to be there and we feel confident that you will do well. A Board Certified Physician Anesthesiologist is with you in the operating room the entire time. All of your vital signs are continually monitored and any necessary adjustments are made based on your personal response to surgery. In addition to the basic precautions, we ensure that you are positioned safely, your pain is managed, and you are as physically comfortable as your surgery allows while you are in our care. It is a privilege and a pleasure to take care of you and I look forward to answering all of your anesthesia questions when we meet.”

We are here to answer any questions you may have about your surgery, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office.