Ali MacDonald

Meet Ali, our Director of the Operating Room/ Operations Ninja/ Chief Cheerleader

Ali grew up in Winchester, VA and she came to DC directly after college and never left. With her background focused entirely as an OR Nurse, she brings a wealth of experience to our Boutique Surgery Center as the Director of the OR. She has previously worked with Dr. Kulkarni, and when we asked what she was looking forward to most, it was being able to solely focus on plastic surgery, as it is a breath of fresh air to her! When Ali is not working, she can be found exploring the area, or having a relaxing night on her patio next to a fire with her English bulldog Gracie.

Favorite Vacation? All vacations should be spent relaxing by the water and doing nothing else!

Megan Pazdersky

Meet Megan, our Perioperative Nurse/ Chief Listener/ Advocate of Health

Megan grew up close by in Annapolis, Maryland, before moving on to study at Clemson and Northeastern University. Megan has been a labor and delivery nurse for the last 5 years and will now be our perioperative nurse. When we asked Megan what she was most excited about working at our Boutique Surgery Center she said the environment! She is looking forward to working around amazing, likeminded individuals. When Megan is not working, she is usually hanging out with her dog Charlie – traveling, going for runs and hanging out with friends. Did you know Megan also has four brothers?

Favorite Vacation? Charleston, South Carolina. Sitting on the beach and hanging out with friends!

Kelly Inglee

Meet Kelly, our Back Up/ Overnight/ Perioperative Nurse/ Encourager of Wellness/ Overnight Hero

Kelly was born and raised in Clarksville, Maryland until she went to college in Philadelphia to become a registered nurse and started working as a medical/ surgical nurse. She has an experienced plastic surgery nurse who has everything in the field from clinic to pre-op to PACU to the operating room. Her skillset provides our patients with the highest level of care from start to finish. Kelly loves being part of an establishment that helps women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, and she loves that she gets to work for such a talented, caring and inspirational surgeon. Did you know that Kelly loves to fly fish with her husband? When she isn’t working, Kelly spends time with her friends and family, goes on family friendly hikes (necessary when you have two little ones) and checks out local restaurants in Old Town, Alexandria.

Favorite Vacation?  Anywhere with a beach, but mostly Florida. Our family loves visiting my in-laws in Amelia Island, Florida. We like to sit on the beach and play in the water/sand with our kids. We also like to sight see around the island and go on boat rides while we are there.

Harold Morning

Meet Harold, our Surgical Tech/ Master of Tools/ Instrument Superstar

Harold is a local, born and raised in Washington DC NE and left to train as a scrub tech in Norfolk VA. Harold has been working at George Washington Hospital in the OR for 22 years, so comes to us with some serious skills. When you meet Harold, you will notice his joyful personality first. Harold loves to keep everyone laughing. Harold is also a professional musician, so surgical instruments aren’t the only instruments he plays!

Favorite Vacation? Anywhere to eat and see the sites!

Omar Malikasghar

Meet Omar, our Surgical Assistant/ Creator of Beauty/ Assistant to the Queen

Meet Omar, born and raised in Afghanistan, Omar is Dr Kulkarni’s surgical assistant during surgeries. He is well qualified as he has a foreign medical degree and actually began a surgical residency before having to leave Afghanistan. Omar is the proud dad to 2 little ones under 3. When he isn’t working, you will find him hanging with his family, reading, and playing volleyball.

Favorite Vacation? Turkey & Norway!