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“I had a breast lift and tummy tuck with Dr. Kulkarni 6 months ago and I am so happy!!! I really didn't think I would ever resort to plastic surgery but after my 9 pound babies that I breastfed for 2 years there was NO other hope for me lol! She was great from day 1 to my surgery and after care. Love her and the whole office.”
ST, Washington DC
"Great office, service, and most importantly, doctor!"
EL, Arlington VA
“ I would recommend Dr. Kulkarni to any patient seeking breast surgery. She takes the time to explain every step of the surgery and recovery. She is personable, professional and really cares about her patients.”
LD, Bethesda MD
“ If you're in need of a plastic surgery procedure, I would absolutely highly recommend Dr. Anita Kulkarni. Before my surgery, I researched countless doctors and found Dr. Kulkarni to be the most knowledgeable. I can honestly say that Dr. Kulkarni and staff 100% eased my fear of surgeries. With each office visit, before and after my surgery, the entire staff went above and beyond to always meet my wants and needs and always did so with smiles.”
CJ, Landover MD
“Dr. Kulkarni is awesome. Going to her is like going to one of your girlfriends, except she happens to be an amazing surgeon. I had so much fun trying on the sample implants and she helped me pick the best size for my body. They look so good and I am so happy I picked her after meeting with 2 other male doctors. Nothing against males, but I just got the feeling she really understood what I was going for. Definitely recommend her!!”
“Great doctor and a pleasure to work with. Results are amazing. Dr. Kulkarni was very thoughtful and caring during all of my appointments and made me feel very calm pre-surgery and was available to answer all my concerns post surgery. I would happily recommend her to anyone.”
“Dr. Kulkarni was highly recommended to me by the team of doctors and professionals that I consulted with regarding my BRCA2 genetic mutation. Still I checked out her bio online and was astounded by all of her accomplishments. I was able to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kulkarni just a week after I received my diagnosis. I liked her immediately! She met with me on time and was very friendly and easy to talk with. She answered my numerous questions and I could tell right away that she was both a knowledgeable and highly skilled surgeon. She recommended working with the general breast surgeon and starting my reconstruction right away with expanders and later putting in permanent implants. I decided that I definitely wanted to work with her! Dr. Kulkarni did an excellent job with my reconstruction and it was always a pleasure to visit her and the staff at the follow-ups. I especially appreciated how well Nurse Kelly took care of me at each of my follow-up appointments. They both took the time to answer any new questions or concerns and I never felt like they were trying to rush me out. Everyone at the practice promptly and professionally returned any calls or emails from me. It did not surprise me when I discovered a few weeks ago that Dr. Kulkarni is one of the elite Washingtonian's Top Doctors of 2016.”
“My Boobs have always been saggy and they got worst after childbirth and breastfeeding. Before Surgery I was a 38DD. After my second baby I decided to go ahead and get it done. I'm pretty sure I am done having kids. This is the best decision I have made! I'm so happy so far and I'm only 4 days post op! My boobs were very saggy so just my removing skin my doc said my the actual size of my boobs...”
“I only have great things to say about the office and staff. Dr. Kulkarni listened to my issue and was able to suggest the best of procedures to me. I’m glad that I’ve made my appointment.”
“I remember the day I scheduled my initial consultation...the staff was excited about me coming into the office. Once I arrived, I was greeted with a smile and welcomed into a warm and inviting environment. Meeting Dr. Kulkarni for the first time was like a breath of fresh air, she was full of life and energy. So compassionate towards my struggle and I didn't feel like a project but a human being whom Dr. Kulkarni was about to make whole and complete. Dr. Kulkarni and the staff made me feel at home, answered all my questions, concerns and told me EVERYTHING I needed to know regarding the procedure. I immediately felt alive again and on pins and needles waiting for a new me to be unveiled. Although, I had only met Dr. Kulkarni once at consultation and the second time was three months after consultation but a week before my surgery. Her interactions with me was as if, we had seen each other several times, she remembered me and didn't make me feel as if she had forgotten me and needed to hear my story, my struggle once more. From my first date of contact to my pre-op, surgery out, post-op, one week, two week, one month and three month follow up appointments, I still feel so positive about my experience with Dr. Kulkarni. The staff are phenomenal as well as every staff person I interacted with at the hospital where my procedure was performed. I was made to feel comfortable, this was even a better experience for me than many of my life changing experiences. If you're contemplating having a procedure done like mine and on the fence about it...I encourage you to get off the fence and make the decision that's best for you and do it for yourself. Dr. Kulkarni changed my life and I am FOR EVER grateful to her. I can run, jog, do jumping jacks, sit ups and dance like no one is watching. I'm free to be ME!”
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